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What are the benefits of massage?
Massage has been documented to lower stress, increase immune function, manage pain,improve physical fitness and flexibility, and boost mental health and wellness.

Will massage clear my toxins?
Probably not. That's what your liver is for. Lymph fluid is moved with massage, but unless you have a compromised medical condition, your body can deal with that fluid movement.

It’s my first massage..I’m nervous.
Communication is key. Speak up and let me know what you like and don't like. We will adjust accordingly. Most people take their clothes off, but feel free to wear as little or as much clothing as you want. You will be under a sheet and only the body part I am working on will be exposed. 

I’m pregnant. Is massage ok?
As long as you have a doctor/midwife note that ok’s massage, anytime after the first trimester is a go for me.

What processes are in place to reduce transmission risk of Covid-19?
Masks are mandatory. If you dont have one, or forget one, I will provide you with one.
Plastic or disposable coverings over the table/face rest, then covered with clean linens. These will be either tossed or wiped down and disinfected with an EPA approved disinfectant, after each client.
All intake forms will be online, and a pre appt screening will be documented the day of each appointment.
As many payments as possible will be electronic.
Hand sanitizer available and to be used prior to entering the space, and as frequently as needed thereafter.
Once we move inside, regardless of temperature, windows will be open, and an air purifier will be in use. 

It's imperative that if you feel sick, or have been exposed to Covid 19, that you call and cancel your massage. The risk of transmission is too high to ignore at this time.

Massage Therapist, R.N.
Donna Rowsell