Why should I get a Massage?
Massage has been shown to
• Boost the immune system.
• Reduce anxiety and the flow of stress hormones.
• Improve sleep and concentration.
• Improve energy levels and reduce fatigue.
• Increase circulation.
• Reduce frequency of headaches.
• Release endorphins.
. Increase range of motion.
. Relieve muscle spasms.
. Enhance sports performance.
. Make you feel great!

What should I do during my massage to make the best of it?
Make sure you arrive on time.
Always give feedback to me. Let me know if the pressure is too little or too much. Are you too cold or hot? Do you need the music changed?
Be sure to let me know if something makes you uncomfortable or if something is working well for you.
Breathe deeply & regularly - do not hold your breath.

How should I dress?
In Illinois there are draping laws, which means that throughout your treatment you will always be covered with a sheet. When you enter the treatment room there are hooks and hangers on the back of the door for your clothes. You are encouraged to disrobe to the extent you feel comfortable. Some people leave their underwear on, or bring shorts and a sports bra. It is always an option to receive a massage fully clothed.

What should I do after my massage?
Keep warm and rehydrate. You may feel some achiness or flu-like symptoms the day following the massage. This will pass. Drinking plenty of water will help reduce this feeling.

I'm pregnant. Can I get a massage, and how will it help me?
Massage during pregnancy after your 1st trimester is a great way to relieve everyday tension and the general aches and pains your body is suffering. It stimulates your lymphatic system,
increasing immunity and the removal of excess toxins, while stabilizing hormonal levels and balancing the glandular system. It can also
• Alleviate backaches
• Relieve leg cramps
• Reduce swelling/edema
• Relieve pain from varicosities
• Enhance sleep.

Massage Therapist, R.N.